Opportunity to experience the island. It will include a visit to the Observatory and photo shooting stops.
Sessions and Discussion Topics
The conference is aimed to carry educational discussions on:
•    Definition of Nightscape and Astrophotography
•    Methods and Photography Techniques
•    Timelapse Revolution
•    Equipment Guide, Low-light Photography Gears
•    Editing Borderlines, What is Real and What is Fake
•    The Business of Nightscape (Professionals vs Amateurs)
•    Hidden Challenges
•    Wildlife and Volcano Photography at Night
•    Earth and Sky in Art and Literature
•    Science of Nightscape
•    Dark Skies and Light Pollution
•    Tourism and Nightscape Artists
•    What TWAN is and Should Be

The venue is the delicate historic theater of Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz de La Palma, the main town on the island, near to the international airport.

Conference cost:
150 EUR – Students (limited)
220 EUR – registration before 1 August
275 EUR – late registration
Full programme coming soon!